Quilt Repair

Quilts are meant to be used and loved and usually just like the Velveteen Rabbit, that means it gets worn. There are other unfortunate events that affect the quilt too, such as stains, rodents, and your basic rips, tears and holes. Very rarely can the quilt be fixed to look like nothing happened. Usually we need to come up with a creative way to honor the original design with a minimal repair, sometimes requiring stitching, a patch, or sometimes an entirely new backing or binding. Once I receive your much loved quilt I will consider what can be done to resurrect it. I will then talk to you about your options and quote you the cost for the service.

Sometimes your quilt has reached a point where it is no longer capable of serving you as a quilt, unfortunately. But don’t fret because you still may have some options. We may consider creating something else out of what remains, like a smaller quilt, decorative pillows, a teddy bear, or even framed art.

Labor for the first hour is $45 – minimum one hour labor. Additional hours are $10 each. There may be additional costs for fabric and materials.

Download, print out and complete a work order to the best of your ability and include it with your quilt. I will fill out the rest once I receive your quilt and work order at the shop and see what needs to be done.