Commercial Quilting Machine for sale!

Quilting Master III for Sale!

Are you looking for a quilting machine that will stitch through all kinds of fabrics including heavy upholstery and foam backed vinyl and do it fast enabling you to have quicker production rates?

The Quilting Master III may be just what you’re looking for!

Link to ebay listing with images

There’s unlimited possibilities of what you can do with this computerized machine – stitching custom designs and logos on quilts, textiles, garments and upholstery.

The other popular standard in the industry is the long arm quilting machine. These machines can retail for up to $38,000, they have a limited surface area allowing the machine to only work on a small portion of the project at a time, and the stitching speed is much slower. In comparison the Quilting Master III allows you to stitch on the entire quilt all at once, it retails for less, it’s more versatile using a wide variety of fabrics, it can stitch up to 2000 stitches per minute (SPM), and it comes with a huge work table making quilt loading and unloading so easy! This speed and efficiency allows you to complete a queen size quilt in less than an hour!

The Quilting Master III comes loaded with some patterns already, but you also have the option to create your own patterns and designs on design software and then transfer it to the machine with a USB flash drive. The machine reads standard .DST format.

The suggested retail of the Quilting Master III is $28,995.00. This particular machine is used, but it has very few hours on it. It occupies 13’x18′ and requires 2 feet of walking space all the way around it plus the space of the accompanying work tables.

Included in the sale is the machine, 3 work tables, one measures 47″x94″ and two measure 24″x94″ (pushed together they measure 95″x47″), two quilting frames that will expand to 120″ king size, the quick load frame system, a bobbin winder, and various extra parts for the sewing head.

This machine has been recently serviced and is in top notch working order.

I’m happy to provide more photos and videos if you want to take a more serious look at it. Also there are other youtube videos out there of Quilting Master III machines. You are welcome to come by my shop to check it out.

The machine is sold as is and moving the machine is the complete responsibility of the buyer.


The Next Generation of Quilters

I absolutely love the enthusiasm that children express when discovering all the possibilities in the world. They inspire me to consider different perspectives, options and possibilities. Children are so good at this because they haven’t been conditioned to limit themselves yet. So when a child comes to me and says “How do you do that?” I find a way to satiate their curiosity in that moment. Something I heard when my boys were very young was that when a child asks you how or why, they aren’t seeking mastery of the subject. They just want a synopsis that will show them whether or not they want to explore this subject further later after they mull it over.

20160322 170003 Earlier this last spring I had the perfect opportunity to spend a few days with my nieces, Kelsey, Eliza and Sylvia. I gave them each what is called a charm pack, about 40 5″ squares from a fabric line. Fabric designers come out with a line fabrics that are all coordinated making it easy to choose what you need for your next project. These pre-cut packages allow you to get a wide variety of choices without having to buy too much of any one print. This works great with some quilts and not so great with others. It’s just another option.

All three of my brother’s girls really enjoyed sewing their squares together. It was a very basic introduction to sewing. It was a pleasant experience with a successful outcome, so the chance of them doing more with this in the future is pretty good! Eliza and Sylvia being only 4 years old needed more assistance that Kelsey who is 8. I sat Eliza and Sylvia on my lap and I worked most of the machine while they guided the fabric into the needle. They learned a lot. They were introduced to how a sewing machine looks and feels and sounds. They also learned about a little about how the machine works and how to use it safely. They became more familiar with design, what fabrics look good together and when you sew two squares together properly at the points it makes it easier to sew all the rows and columns together later. They did not really get to understand the feel of the foot pedal and how fast or slow to regulate it. They also didn’t really get to see the consequences of not sewing a straight line and the importance of staying consistent, but that’s ok! There’s plenty of time for that later. Meanwhile they have a real example of completed project that they did (with a little help).

Kelsey being 8 is really at a prime age to start managing a sewing machine on her own. She did get to experience how much pressure is necessary to apply to the foot pedal and how easy it is to sew a crooked line. She wanted to make a purse and a quilt out of her charm pack. She was very meticulous and purposeful with her design. It was lots of fun to discuss this with her. We laid out the squares and talked about symmetry and balance. When I said goodbye to her I told her that I had really enjoyed this visit with her because I could see how much she had matured. If I had had more time there or if I lived closer to them then Kelsey would have been able to sew it all herself.

I took all their projects home with me so that I could finish them on my machine and send it back to them completed. I took time to talk to each of them about how they wanted it to look, what colors, how big, etc. I did make a change with the purse. I added a zipper to the purse because I thought it was a better application considering the design. Unfortunately it took me longer than I expected, but I got the projects finished and sent the box off to them. It’s all done and looking good! I wish I could be there when they open the box to see what they started all finished!

I do love working with kids, so I’m open to working with the local community and having classes regularly here at my shop. Let me know if you have a child who is interested! They can choose a simple easy project designed to be completed within a short amount of time, and I’m more than happy to assist. Keep in mind this is not a gender biased hobby. There are lots of fabulous male quilters out there. For more info on what I offer here go to my Quilt Class page.


LoveLight Outreach in South Africa

One of my favorite places in Kansas is The Light Center just outside of Baldwin City KS. TheLightCenterIt all started about 20 years ago. Plans were created to establish a rustic retreat center and working farm. A 120 year old barn on the property was restored into a fabulous space full of great energy. All the people who have been here over the years have benefited from the peace and tranquility that radiates here. SlideBarnDownstairsRobin Goff is the owner and operator of The Light Center which is an Alternative Unity Ministry. TLC provides a sacred space for learning and renewal about growing healthier foods, growing spiritually and growing closer as a human family.  TLC is also an educational permaculture based farm and has been active in the WWOOF program for quite a few years. I am particular about what charities I like to support. It is important to me to find ones that apply the funds to where they are most needed. I’m a big supporter of The Light Center’s work as the headquarters for the LoveLight, a volunteer outreach program in South Africa .

The sanctuary that is the Light Center hosts a variety of retreats, yoga classes, Healing Touch classes, festivals, and sweat lodge! Many times people just come to spend the night and just be there. They are listed on airbnb.

The+Light+Center+KansasLoveLight works with children in South Africa providing them with opportunity for personal growth and education. Their volunteers run a summer camp and other funds go to help those who are ready for higher education. It covers fees, books and other expenses. Robin travels to South Africa every winter to work with the children at the summer camp.

She also works with a small group of the grandmothers helping them to create beautiful quilts that can be raffled off and sold as part of the fundraising. 35727 N

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Lietie has mastered the sewing machine they bought several years ago and now teaches others how to use it. She’s made some really awesome quilts! She’s putting the finishing touches on the quilt that’s now being raffled off.

A small portion of the funds raised from the quilt raffles goes back into making more quilts but most of it goes to supporting the kids as they create a better future for themselves.

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Several of the youth who have benefited from the LoveLight charity.

The Light Center is currently raffling off this quilt. It was made by Marsha and her mother Lancie. It’s their first one! Marsha’s children are benefiting from LoveLight’s work.

Click to purchase 3 raffle tickets for $25

Click to purchase a single raffle ticket for $10

This last Saturday Robin Goff and I had a lovely time quilting together and brainstorming. About a year ago we had a rather impromptu quilting bee at TLC to make a quilt to give to a very young girl who had just lost her mother. Despite the sad tragedy, it was a really great day with lots of good company and good food and many people learning new things. We’d love to assemble such a group again at TLC. I was teaching Robin a quilting method called quilt-as-you-go. It’s something she’ll be able to take back to South Africa with her. This method allows people with limited resources and funds to finish large quilts on their own. It’s also just another way of being creative!

We decided that it would be great fun to schedule such an event this fall when everyone is starting to crave cuddling under lots of blankets again. We’re going to have a day where everyone can create a 12″ block (or two!) in the quilt-as-you-go method and then we will assemble all of them into a quilt to raffle off and raise funds for LoveLight! So stay tuned here at Fluff and Ruffles and at the Light Center website, You can also connect with the Light Center on their facebook page and their regular newsletters.











Weave Gotcha Covered!

I’m so excited and honored to be working with a good friend of mine, Kelly Wilson, and her company Weave Gotcha Covered! WGClogo
I’ve always found Kelly to be very inspiring and I love what her business is creating! Weave Gotcha Covered is a Kansas City based interior design company that focuses on 100% customer satisfaction, producing custom window treatments, bedding, and upholstery. WGC is a social entrepreneurship. Many of their employees come from programs designed to give women/mothers a chance to improve their lives. She is partnering with Amethyst Place and their program 100 Jobs for 100 women. Kelly is passionate about providing these women with the mentoring and support they need to improve their self image and be successful. Work is under way to bring back the garment district to Kansas City. Consequently, jobs will become available for people with sewing skills. WGC is building a sewing lab in the back of their shop to teach women how to sew, making them eligible for this work. If anyone has a sewing machine that can be donated to their cause, please contact Weave Gotcha Covered.

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There’s been a lot of exciting energy around the shop the last few months, because they have been recognized for all their hard work. Weave Gotcha Covered has been honored as one of Thinking Bigger Business Media’s 2016 25 under 25 AND the greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Top 10 Small Businesses of 2016! If you’re in the KC metro, you may recognize them from one of the media reports documenting these awards.

I’m also excited to be working with them, because I have always liked Kelly and what she values: creativity, possibility, thinking outside of the box, simply natural values, and just basic common sense. Her company has become quite an inspiration for the local community, which she is committed to serving. Another value we have in common is that Kelly and WGC do whatever they can to keep it local and support the local economy. Consequently, I’m sub-contracting with Weave Gotcha Covered using my big machine to produce custom made bedspreads and comforters for their customers! I recently kicked off the deal by creating two quilted sample books of all the patterns that I’m offering. I had fun piecing and quilting both of our shop’s logos for the covers. The following photos show the two identical books completed, except for the large rings holding it all together.


20160516 144650




I can’t wait to see what becomes of this!




You can find Weave Gotcha Covered on Facebook or their website

Quilt-as-you-go Table runner Retreat at The Light Center

Think of all the ways you love to create in your life. Create delicious food to nurture your body. Create a comfortable space to rest your body. Create a source to feed your soul. Create a relationship. Create abundance and wealth. Create a child. Create a new idea. Create or creation is the secret of life! It’s what makes the world go round! It makes you feel good! It makes things happen! Doing is creating! I’m Silver Swan, the quilting shaman and I look forward to guiding you on this creative journey.

Friday June 10th begins a weekend of creating at The Light Center, 1542 Woodson Rd, Baldwin City, Kansas 66006. Friday evening we’ll start after dinner, 7pm. You can use this time to get started on your Saturday project or bring a project from home such as knitting, crochet, or other such creations that you can enjoy while visiting with others. At 8pm we will have a guided group session of Qigong. I’m also open to doing Akashic Record Readings Friday night. Love donations accepted.
To spend the night at the Light Center they have a suggested rate of $25 for space in the barn loft or $55 for one of the 2 private rooms to be paid to them.The+Light+Center+Kansas









If you will just be joining us on Saturday try to be there by 9am.
We will be creating a table runner or it can also be used as an altar cloth. This project consists of a 2 – 5 different fabrics of your choosing sewn together in a quilt-as-you-go technique allowing it to be completed by the end of the day! This work is all machine sewing until the last step which is attaching the binding by hand.
Once you contact me at or calling 417-646-8090 to register I will get you a supply list and guide you from there!
The suggested rate is $35 but I’m leaving this open to love donations.

Let’s create delicious food! For those of you spending the night bring what you can to contribute to breakfast the next morning. We’ll just put it all out on the counter and share. For lunch, let’s focus on tacos/taco salad/burrito kind of thing. So whatever you think would go great with that. I will bring a crockpot full of beans and meat. Other ideas include a vegetarian option and tortillas and chips, salad, sour cream, cheese, tea and/or lemonade?

Join us at the Light Center Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11th and let’s create some good energy!