Commercial Quilting Machine for sale!

Quilting Master III for Sale!

Are you looking for a quilting machine that will stitch through all kinds of fabrics including heavy upholstery and foam backed vinyl and do it fast enabling you to have quicker production rates?

The Quilting Master III may be just what you’re looking for!

Link to ebay listing with images

There’s unlimited possibilities of what you can do with this computerized machine – stitching custom designs and logos on quilts, textiles, garments and upholstery.

The other popular standard in the industry is the long arm quilting machine. These machines can retail for up to $38,000, they have a limited surface area allowing the machine to only work on a small portion of the project at a time, and the stitching speed is much slower. In comparison the Quilting Master III allows you to stitch on the entire quilt all at once, it retails for less, it’s more versatile using a wide variety of fabrics, it can stitch up to 2000 stitches per minute (SPM), and it comes with a huge work table making quilt loading and unloading so easy! This speed and efficiency allows you to complete a queen size quilt in less than an hour!

The Quilting Master III comes loaded with some patterns already, but you also have the option to create your own patterns and designs on design software and then transfer it to the machine with a USB flash drive. The machine reads standard .DST format.

The suggested retail of the Quilting Master III is $28,995.00. This particular machine is used, but it has very few hours on it. It occupies 13’x18′ and requires 2 feet of walking space all the way around it plus the space of the accompanying work tables.

Included in the sale is the machine, 3 work tables, one measures 47″x94″ and two measure 24″x94″ (pushed together they measure 95″x47″), two quilting frames that will expand to 120″ king size, the quick load frame system, a bobbin winder, and various extra parts for the sewing head.

This machine has been recently serviced and is in top notch working order.

I’m happy to provide more photos and videos if you want to take a more serious look at it. Also there are other youtube videos out there of Quilting Master III machines. You are welcome to come by my shop to check it out.

The machine is sold as is and moving the machine is the complete responsibility of the buyer.


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